Many are aware of the connection between mind and body. However, not many consider the connection between the teeth and the body. Those who are familiar with Chinese Medicine or acupuncture know that meridians are the channels through which energy flows in the body. Each of our organs, glands, and body structures has a specific meridian. The teeth do as well. When the flow of energy through a certain meridian is blocked or otherwise affected, this may affect all the body structures located on that individual meridian. This may happen when a body structure on that meridian is either diseased or infected. For instance, if you have a decayed or infected tooth, the energy flow of the meridian that the tooth is on will also be altered. This, in turn, can affect the health of all other structures on that meridian. If, let’s say, your upper right first molar tooth has an issue, this may also affect your liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, and breast.


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