Cosmetic Dentistry

We care about our patients as a whole and if there's something that has always bothered you about your smile or prevented you from smiling as big as you would like— we want to help. That's why we offer a variety of methods for working around these esthetic concerns. Please inform us if you would like to discuss improvements to your smile. This is a very personal area, we do not want to make you self-conscious of issues you are perfectly happy with but would love to improve your smile if you want.

Esthetic Veneers and Crowns

Veneers or crowns can be a great option for those front teeth that just don't look the way you'd like them to. They are basically like (nearly) instant orthodontics! Veneers require minimal preparation to the underlying tooth structure and involve a thin, but strong and cosmetic material to be attached to the front of your tooth with the possibility of changing the shape, contour, color, size or even position of your front teeth. Additionally, these will have the strength that you can eat and function just as you do with your normal teeth. During our evaluation, if we determine your teeth also need the support that a crown can offer in addition to the esthetics, then we will recommend a crown rather than a veneer. Both offer an esthetic result, veneers conserve more natural tooth structure with otherwise healthy teeth and crowns offer more support to the underlying tooth.

This procedure can take up to 3 visits including: an initial evaluation and possible diagnostic wax-up in order to cater exactly to your preferences, a day to prepare the teeth to the veneer (or crown) specifications, take a final impression and place diagnostic temporaries and finally the delivery date when we will evaluate how the teeth look, feel and function before placement.

Teeth Whitening

In order to gain a more clean, subtle adjustment to your appearance teeth whitening could appeal to you. With minimal effort and no treatment required on the teeth, you can brighten your smile.

For this, it takes 2 easy appointments with your own follow-through of properly wearing and managing the whitening trays. One appointment for initial impressions and a second for delivery of the whitening trays and the whitening solution. From there, we usually encourage our patients to start with a 2-week cycle and decide from there if they continue or stop.

Clear Correct Orthodontic Treatment

For orthodontic treatment requiring more minor tooth movement or repositioning, our Clear Correct treatment may be perfect. Clear Correct is an orthodontic treatment using clear, plastic aligners rather than the traditional metal braces. We take a full-series of x-rays, upper and lower impressions, and evaluate your occlusion (how your teeth come together) and your ultimate goals for treatment. As certified providers, we then work with Clear Correct to achieve your desired tooth alignment.

If we evaluate your orthodontic alignment and determine that your case is too complex for this option, we have excellent orthodontists we work closely with and can provide a referral for more advanced orthodontic treatment.

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